How do you look for professional call girls?


How do you look for professional call girls?

experiences with professional agency girls have been largely negative, just because of the vibes and the ways the girls are treated.

I consider independent call girls far more professional.

Most of them are pretty intelligent women, who know how to stay on top of the situation and what they are doing, as well as how to pleasure a man.

Which means they don’t take shit from anyone and know their job, which is a good thing and makes it much safer for both parties.

Just important is to agree on everything before you meet, so there are no surprises, and you get what you wanted/you can just enjoy the situation.

I look for call girls from hookup sites.

This is the best place in my opinion to find quality, independent call girls.

Hands down, AFF is the most popular, legit site for this.

You can open up an account free to see for yourself, “see this link”.

On that page, you’ll have to enter your email, fill out profile and stuff. But then you can see what kind of women are available in your location.

The younger and hotter ones are usually call girls.

The rest, women who are not satisfied with their sex lives and want to get pleasure/try new stuff, without having to go through relationship again.

At least, roughly speaking.


Because the site is so big, at first it may be a little overwhelming. But after making contact with a few profiles, you should start to figure out the ropes.

You can be open about your sexuality, why you are there, etc. Honesty is something that works well on there as people want to know each other.

The same goes for call girls, they want to know more about you to be able to trust you. It’s not that formal, if girls are working or not, they want to have fun too.

Finding an escort effectively without getting cheated is the first step towards getting the professional escorts available in your area. Certain ways are widely followed in India like

  • Booking online through popular websites
  • Authenticate the profiles of the call girls before approaching them
  • By searching her stage name directly through your browsers
  • Finding through various review sites that rate escorts according to their appearance and experience with their clients

Has anyone had experience in hiring escorts in Nainital? Is it safe to contact them and fulfil the desire?

  • I hired an escort once, when I visited Bangalore (I grew up there but was studying for Masters in the US).
  • From what research I’ve done on the internet, I came to know that prostitution is actually legal in India. There are several tiers of escorts you can hire, ranging from high level (Costs about Rs. 20000) to low level (As low as Rs. 300). All of these are well within my budget.
  • So, I went to back page dot com and picked the most appealing ad. All of them had fake pictures of some random unrelated women, with the same ads repeated thousands of time in the same page. They apparently sell sex like selling vegetables on the street; blindly hawking instead of engaging potential customers.
  • One of them gave me an address to come to. Apparently, it’s a brothel. So I travelled there, only to find out that the girls there were extremely young and poorly treated by the pimps. I had to get out of there ASAP.
  • Then, I called another pimp. This guy asked me to come to a certain location. I went there. 2 guys in a Maruti car showed up and asked me to get in. I was sceptical at first, but got in anyway. They travelled for a while and stopped next to a bus stop. A well-dressed North-East Indian (probably in late 30s) was sitting there. The guy honked and to my surprise, that woman walked up to the car and got in.
  • One of those men asked me to pay. So I paid him Rs 3000 (like we agreed upon) . The driver then drove me a little further and stopped. He pointed me at a hotel and said “That’s where you’ll do it. She will take care of you.”
  • She and I got out of the car and walked up to the hotel. It was awkward and I didn’t talk to her. But she smelled really nice and gave off some really sexy energy. I walked into the hotel, paid the guy at the desk Rs 500, and took the key. The woman escorted me to that room. I was nervous as fuck. For all I know, she could simply slit my throat take my stuff.
  • Once inside the room, she turned off the light and turned on a dimmer night light. The room was dark.
  • She smiled, and said, “Take it off”. I was nervous, but I did.
  • She took her clothes off as well. Then she asked “Condoms?”. I said yes.
  • Her breasts were big and juicy. I told her this was my first time. She smiled. Then she sat close to me and let me play with her tits. She stroked my penis. It was completely flaccid at first, but she got it up.
  • Then she started sucking it. It wasn’t particularly great. She did it as if she was supposed to do it and not like she wanted to do it.
  • After my penis was sufficiently erect, she took my condoms and put it on my penis. Then, she climbed over me cowgirl style and started humping. I was nervous and my back was hurting a little.
  • My penis couldn’t stay erect for long. So she took out my condoms and started doing it without. I was surprised and I asked if she was sure about this. She said “Kuch Nahi hogan” and smiled (meaning, “Nothing bad will happen”). She put some really good effort into humping me and letting me play with her tits, a combination of which felt really good. But it also made me cum quite quickly. As soon as I did, I immediately put on my clothes and left.
  • The experience was okay, but it was fantastic (probably the best) compared to other escorts I’ve hired back in the US. Since prostitution is legal in India, they make a real effort into satisfying you. Prostitutes in the US on the other hand, rely on the ambiguous meaning of “escort” and try to get away without having had sex with you. So if you complain that the sex was unsatisfactory, these American escorts could get you arrested for engaging in prostitution (or demanding sex in exchange for money). Escorts in Nainital on the other hand, do exactly what they are paid for, without having to hide behind hidden keywords.
  • I’ve tried to have sex with US escorts about 5 times. I couldn’t even get an erection on, since the escorts here don’t put much effort into it. So I’d say, hiring an Escort in Nainital was a good experience.

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